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The company won the honorary title of "2017 Top 100 Chongqing Manufacturing Enterprises"

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On February 5, 2018, the Chongqing Enterprise Confederation and the City Entrepreneurs Association released the list of "2017 Top 100 Chongqing Manufacturing Enterprises", and the company was among them.

?????? " ,? ???????,??? ????????,? ?? ?? ?????,???????????? ,????????,?????????,????????? Since 2017, under the background of continuous rise in raw material prices and intensified market competition, the company has insisted on " requiring benefits from management " , based on team building, focused on management and technological innovation, and optimized organizational structure as a means to improve In order to ensure the quality control system , various tasks are advanced in an orderly manner, which enhances the core competitiveness of the enterprise and ensures the steady growth of the enterprise.

?? "???????????"????,?????????,??????, ?????????,?????????? The honorary title of "2017 Chongqing Top 100 Manufacturing Enterprises" is a high recognition of the company's development. The company will continue to focus on the development goals of "lightweight products and intelligent equipment" to improve the quality and efficiency of development and increase innovation. New as a response to a new era, open a new future with a new journey.