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China's First Monorail Subway Begins Operation of CNR to Make "Longer Version" Trains

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Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, November 19 (Reporter Qi Zhongxi) China's first single-track subway, Chongqing Rail Transit Line 2, began operating an "extended version" train consisting of six cars (six groups) on the 19th. The long-distance trains were manufactured by CNR Changke Co., Ltd. and its holding subsidiary, Chongqing Changke Company. Compared to the previous train consisting of 4 cars (4 formations), the passenger capacity of the "longer version" of the train increased from 882 to 1,342.
Chongqing Rail Transit Line 2 is China's first single-track subway to be opened to traffic. The so-called monorail subway is that its running track is not two parallel tracks of a traditional railway, but only one track beam, and the train runs on the track beam. Unlike ordinary rail vehicles, which use steel wheels, monorail subways use rubber pneumatic tires. To prevent flat tires, each wheel is equipped with auxiliary safety wheels. Chongqing monorail subway vehicles are equipped with escape doors for each train, and high-rise escape emergency descending devices are installed at the side doors of each vehicle. The window is provided with an anti-throwing device. The upper part of the window has a baffle to prevent passengers from throwing debris and hurting people.
Currently, 100% of Chongqing's subway cars are provided by CNR. According to the urban rail transit plan of Chongqing's "Seventeen Lines and One Ring", Chongqing's subway operating mileage will reach more than 900 kilometers. According to the minimum configuration standard of 6 subway vehicles per kilometer, Chongqing needs at least 4,800 subway vehicles and traction systems and systems Moving system.